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Why 'Christ the Sower'?

Christ the Sower is a name chosen by those involved in the establishment of the school in 2004 and has great meaning for us.

It is taken from Jesus' Parable of the Sower, which is found in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, and tells of a farmer who went out to sow, but had varying success depending on the type of soil that received the seed.

You can read more of the story here.

We regard our Christian foundation as a good soil to sow into, and believe that our Christian ethos adds value to the learning that children do. We therefore are inspired by the story to help children have receptive hearts to all the learning that they receive - a key goal of our teaching team.

It has all sorts of other implications - it inspires and underpins our school vision; our class names are the names of seeds; and our on-site SureStart Children's Centre is called Seedlings.


 The name 'Christ the Sower' was chosen because, through its origins in this story, it speaks about growth and transformation. We think our school is about both of these, providing a rich environment where children - and adults, too - can grow and flourish. There's also an agricultural link. Our site in Grange Farm was, not so long ago, producing crops on good North Buckinghamshire soil. Some of the people who lived and worked there, and who had to leave when Milton Keynes was built, still live in the area. Through the name, we remember the sacrifices that people had to make to turn the planners' dreams into reality.