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Wednesday 6th May 2020


The piece of writing you are going to begin today is going to stretch across 2 days.

We would like you to write an alternative ending for ‘The Highwayman’ but written as a story from his point of view (1st person).

First, plan your writing.

Is he going to charge towards Bess but be successful? Is he going to turn back and find some friends to support him? Does he manage to sneak up on the Redcoats or does he charge in?

Then begin your piece of work. Remember, you can refer to this to help you remember what features your writing should include as a Year 5 writer.

You will need to finish your writing tomorrow before editing it.


We are going to continue to follow the activities provided by White Rose. Click here to visit the Year 5 area of their website. Today, you need to complete Summer Term Week 3 Lesson 3 (Divide with remainders).

Watch the video and then answer the questions by clicking here to download the worksheet. Don’t worry if you can’t print it, just write the answers in your home learning book. 

You can check your answers here. 

You can also have a look at the resources on the BBC Bitesize website here. They link with the White Rose activity each day. 

Topic (History/ D&T)

Bletchley Park, which most of you visited earlier this academic year, has created a pack to support VE day celebrations. One of the activities is creating red, white and blue bunting to decorate your houses. Once they are able to reopen, they would like some of this bunting to be sent to them as part of an exhibition.

You can click here for some instructions to help you create bunting from fabric.

You can click here for a paper template if you wish to use colouring pencils, pens, paint or any other materials you have at home to create your bunting.

Bletchley Park also have additional information about VE Day, how it impacted on them and what their plans are to celebrate the anniversary on their website.