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Wednesday 10th June 2020


Today you are going to be identifying pronouns and determiners and looking at how they can help your writing to be more cohesive.

Look at this presentation here to remind yourself about pronouns and determiners.

This BBC page also has information about pronouns and an activity you can complete.

Complete these activities to put this into practice and use them to help produce a cohesive piece of writing.


We are going to continue to follow the activities provided by White Rose. Remember, you need to watch the video on their website and download the resources from the links below. Today, you need to complete Summer Term Week 7 Lesson 3 (Substitution).

Watch the video by clicking here to visit the Year 6 area of their website and then answer the questions by clicking here to download the worksheet. Don’t worry if you can’t print it, just write the answers in your home learning book. 

You can check your answers here. 

You can also have a look at the resources on the BBC Bitesize website here. They link with the White Rose activity each day. 


International Games

As part of the London 2012 Olympics a variety of countries were asked to name a traditional game which represented their culture and traditions. These can be seen here. Look into these games (especially if the country you looked at yesterday is mentioned) and take inspiration from them to design your own game.

Think about

  • how the game is played
  • how you win
  • what equipment is needed

Where possible, test your game and make any changes needed. You can present your game through writing and pictures. These could be handwritten or digital.