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Thursday 30th April 2020


Today you need to write a paragraph in a formal style to summarise why the highwayman can be considered a good person.

Look at this example where a paragraph is written about how Hades (the same character as yesterday) may not be evil after all.

Think carefully about how to introduce an idea and support it with evidence. You can also directly counter the reasons you gave yesterday or refer to them. Can you see where this has happened in the example?

Remember you can use the sentence starter ideas from yesterday and the mat showing the features you should aim to include whenever you write.  


We are going to continue our work on angles using the White Rose resources. Click here to visit the Year 6 area of their website. Today you need to complete Summer Term Week 2 Lesson 1 (Angles in special quadrilaterals).

Watch the video and then answer the questions by clicking on the ‘Get the Activity’ tab to download the worksheet. Don’t worry if you can’t print it, just write the answers in your home learning book. 

You can check your answers on the same page where the video is saved under ‘Get the Answers’.

Topic (Computing)

Look at the BBC Bitesize activity ‘Should I trust everything I read on the web?’.

Complete the activity below by using Google to answer questions as efficiently as possible using the techniques you learnt about.   

Alternatively, you could create a poster to help others search effectively and safely online.