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Thursday 23rd April 2020


  1. Remind yourself about adverbials by looking at this task. You can see the answers here once you have finished. No peeking!
  2. Choose a part of the poem and write a setting description inspired by the language and using what we looked at before half term. An idea of the range of features you should be aiming to include in your writing can be found here.

Click on the picture for an example of a setting description to inspire you.


We are going to continue using the White Rose resources to look at angles. Click here to visit the Year 6 area of their website. Today you need to complete Week 2 Day 5 (Calculate Angles).

Watch the video and then answer the questions by clicking on the ‘Get the Activity’ tab to download the worksheet. Don’t worry if you can’t print it, just write the answers in your home learning book. 

You can check your answers on the same page where the video is saved under ‘Get the Answers’.

Topic (Science)

If possible, in your garden or as part of your daily exercise, find examples of plants (particularly flowering ones) in your local area. Draw them, take photographs or collect some cuttings which you can then label once at home. Which method of seed dispersal do you think has been used?  

If you are unable to find real-life examples, then use pictures from books, magazines or the internet.

You could also look into pressing some flower examples if you were able to find some in your garden. This website has some easy to follow instructions (with your parent’s permission of course):