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Thursday 18th June 2020


Today we are going to have a break in our 'Outsiders' unit and begin to think about our time at primary school. We are going to create a recipe for a member of the CTS community.

Look back across all of your time at Christ the Sower and think about the memories you have. That might be making new friends, meeting new teachers, lessons that really gripped you (even more than all the other ones of course), visitors in school, trips you have been on or anything else. They might be happy, sad, scary, entertaining or inspiring. 

1) Make a list of ideas and see if you can think of something different to what anyone else might think of for each year you have been at CTS. 

2) Draft one of your memories into a paragraph. Aim for what would be half a page in a school book. Remember to set the scene and really make people feel the emotion of it. This memory will be shared with everyone so select carefully. It will eventually be a part of a virtual leavers assembly!

3) Decide what the over all theme is of your memory. Turn this into a part of a recipe. For example: 

- a dollop of kindness

- a scoop of joy

- a good pour of perseverance

- a dash of fear

4) Ask someone (an adult or older sibling) to check it for you. You will be using this on Monday to publish it. 


We are going to continue to follow the activities provided by White Rose. Remember, you need to watch the video on their website and download the resources from the links below. Today, you need to complete Summer Term Week 8 Lesson 4 (Miles and kilometres).

Watch the video by clicking here to visit the Year 6 area of their website and then answer the questions by clicking here to download the worksheet. Don’t worry if you can’t print it, just write the answers in your home learning book. 

You can check your answers here. 

You can also have a look at the resources on the BBC Bitesize website here. They link with the White Rose activity each day


Today we are going to be thinking about changes. Click here for the lesson information and tasks.