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Our Values and Virtues

Each class in Christ the Sower is affiliated with a specific Christian value or virtue. Over the year, the children learn how to put that value or virtue into practice so that it impacts on their character and begins to change them - this process is called discipleship, reflecting the fact that we all learn from others how to live and conduct ourselves.

On this page, we illustrate how our values and virtues are rooted in Christian values, and what we can do in class to help children grow in acquiring them. Every year, we begin the Autumn Term with a study of these virtues and celebrate with a time of collective worship when we report back and reflect on what we have learnt.

In Foundation. we celebrate, teach and grow in the virtues of FRIENDSHIP (Daisy Class), PEACE (Sunflower Class) and GENEROSITY (Poppy Class)

In Years 1 and 2, children learn THANKFULNESS (Thistle Class), SERVANTHOOD (Conker Class), TRUTH (Pumpkin Class) and COURAGE (Acorn Class):

In years 3 and 4, children learn and practise the virtues of TRUST (Clover Class), WISDOM (Mustard Class), HOPE (Rosehip Class) and COMPASSION (Teasel Class):

Finally, in Years 5 and 6, children learn to grow in the graces of FORGIVENESS (Sycamore Class), RESPECT and REVERENCE (Catkin Class), JUSTICE (Wheat Class) and PERSEVERANCE (Barley Class):