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Day 7


PE with Joe Wicks can be found here at 9am.

Don’t forget you can find assemblies here and a story at the end of the day here.


Today we would like you to complete the task below (click on the books) which looks at two poems about space.






Miss Underwood's group.

Miss Underwood's group

Mrs Sutaria's group.

Today you will be adding fractions. Remember you need to find the equivalent fraction to make the denominators the same for each of the fractions in the question. 

Mrs Sutaria's group


Yesterday, we asked you to research when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Today we would like you to write the newspaper report about the day this happened. Decide which type of newspaper you are writing for: an American one, one in the USSR or a British one. How would each one report the event differently?

Click on the moon for the checklist of features you must include. Remember to also think about the other writing tools you know. For example, can you include passive voice? If you need some additional information, then click on the picture of Apollo 11!

Newspaper features                     Apollo 11 information