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Day 5


Task 1

Today you will be writing the rest of your story: problem, resolution and ending. Focus on each section just as you’ve done on previous days. Use the questions on the planning sheet to help you e.g. what happens next? Where does the character go next? What does he/she do next? Remember, you can look at the DASH? prompts (day 1) to write this section. I have also added an ‘emotions’ sheet which will help you describe the character’s feelings.

How can I write a story that impresses my teacher?

The best way to do this is to use a range of sentence types which you have learnt in school. As you write, use the ‘author’s gaze’.

By the end of the task, you will have completed your story!


Warm up: Play ‘rocket rounding’ for at least 15 minutes

Choose a level that suits you, practice and then choose the next level.

Task 1

Watch and make notes from the following videos on rounding to 10, 100 and 1000.

Can you find a way to memorise this rhyme? You will see this being used in the video.

‘find your place, look next door, 5 or more you raise the score, 4 or less you let it rest, look to the right put zeros in sight.’

Task 2

Complete the ‘rounding sentence match up’ worksheet. If you are unable to cut and stick them in the correct order, you can rewrite each sentence correctly.

The first one has been done for you… 4840 rounded to the nearest 100 is 4800.

Task 3

Complete the ‘rounding internet hack’ worksheet.

By the end of the three tasks, you will have played rocket rounding, watched a video on rounding, memorised the rhyme and completed two worksheets. Did you crack the codes?



Why don't you begin today with a P.E. session with Joe Wicks? He will be leading a 30 minute session on his YouTube channel. Click here (after checking with an adult) to watch it live at 9am or catch-up with it later. 


We would like you to write a letter to your future self. Imagine yourself 20 years from now. The year will be 2040 and the excitement of spring 2020 will be over! Recall the events of spring 2020. What changes have taken place in your life? What new routines have you had to adopt? Are there any family members who you have not seen recently? Include some of the interesting events in your letter as a way of remembering this year. 

Watch Newsround if you want to include up-to-date events.