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Day 1

Maths Activity – Addition Column Method

Use your home learning books to practice using the column method for addition.

Click (here) to open the PDF to view the questions.

The questions get more challenging as you work through the sheet. How far can you get?

After you have completed the activity, scroll down to the bottom to check if your answers are correct.

English Activity - Descriptive writing

Pick one of the pictures and write a description of what you can see.

Click on any of the pictures for a bigger version

*Remember to use the senses.

*Can you use 2a or 4a sentences? (adjectives to describe)

*Can you use a simile?

*Can you use an adverb to start your sentence?

*Can you use a subordinating conjunction?

*Make really precise word choices. e.g. instead of big, try huge or vast.

*Can you read your description to someone in your family?

*Can they guess what you are describing without looking at the photo?

R.E. Activity - Class Values

Think of a way you can show your class value during the next two weeks.

You could:

*draw a picture

*write a prayer

*design a poster

*write a poem









Challenge yourself to show this value at home with your family, this week.