Sports Clubs for Autumn

Last year our Y4 children are completed a survey within school to show what clubs our children take part in and what clubs would be popular if we could set them up.  As a result of this we have introduced a Y6 Basketball club using a professional coach from Milton Keynes Sports Partnership and Mrs Szentpeteri has volunteered to run our Change for Life club for our Y3 children. We now have Ricky Hazard running our School Football Team in the MK League.  Following our success in Y4 County Championships last year our Y5 Hockey team are taking part in the MK League supported by Mrs Taylor and Mrs Head. 


This continues to be extremly popular and is currently run on 1 nights after school.  Our zumba club have demonstrated their routines at our summer fete last year and we look forward to this again next year.  There is fee for this club.


We currently have a waiting list for this club for Year 1 and 2. Some of our children have gone onto join Gymnastics clubs out of school.   Our children have the opportunity to be involved in a schools competition in the Autumn term.  There is a fee for this club

Street Dance

Our street dance club is very popular and take part in a Dance Showcase at Stantonbury School in March. This has been really enjoyable in the previous years and became a previous winner of our School X factor. There is a fee for this club.

Mk Dons Football Training

Mk Dons football training for our older boys will start again this half term .There is a small fee for this club.

Football League

Our Year 6 footballers practise on a Monday after school with Richy Hazard.  They then compete in the MK Football league, playing at Tattenhoe Pavilion against other schools.  

Football Development

This club is aimed at Year1, 2 and 3 children and is run by Ricky Hazard.  There is a small fee for this club.  Players are encouraged to also join football clubs outside of school.

Circus Skills

Mr Marshall continues to run this lunchtime club.

Ultimate Frisbee

Mr Marshall will continue this club in the Autumn term, We have played matches against Bushfield School but are keen to hear of any other schools who would be interested in competeing with us.

 Cross Countrys 

Led by Mrs Taylor and Mrs Whittle this club will lead to our runners competing in the MK Cross Country event on Saturday October 17th.