Our Christian Values - revisited!

We have spent the first two weeks of term looking hard at those values that each class has committed themselves to learn about and teach to others over the year. All the banners that adorn the hall were redistributed to those classes over the holidays and each class gave a brief summary, song, poem, prayer, imaginative writing or play to illustrate their learning. It was inspiring and enjoyable and children were very attentive and respectful. Here are a few of the photos taken during the morning.

In particular, Mrs Turner and Conker Class had decided last term to change their value from creativity (quite hard for Y1 children to get a handle on) to service and sang a delightful song to us about keeping their class neat and tidy. They have also (with Mrs Barrett's help) created a super new banner inspired by Jesus washing his disciples' feet in John's gospel. This set of pictures starts with a photo of this new banner which will be on display in the hall soon.