Ably avoiding the snakes...

Here is a report from LIlla and Elena, as also published on Life and Learning:

On Tuesday 27th January 2015 some Year 6’s were excited to be attending a Science day at Long Meadow School. We took a very interesting, yet muddy, route through Shenley Woods, while other schools took their own mini busses. When we arrived we realised that it would be more interesting than we imagined it would be. We had a peek in the class room to find some exciting objects on the table in front of us as well as some pictures of the wildest camouflaged insects.

The first insect the visitor got out was a Madagascan hissing cockroach but our favourite animals were the tree frog, which can jump from tree to tree using their sticky hands, and also the Phylliidae leaf insect that looked and felt exactly like a leaf. When an animal came along they let them chomp on their wings because it would look odd if they were the only leafs without bite marks.

Next he showed us some videos and recordings of when he went to the rainforests to discover the animals that were found years ago. Then it was time to leave and none of us wanted to go. Thankfully we didn’t go through the muddy woods again but we got back to school fine.