Celebrating what we value

Two years ago we celebrated our Christian values as a school by creating wonderful banners that we erected in Beech Hall at the beginning of 2013. They have been a great addition not just to the decoration of the hall (and a tribute to some super artwork) but a reminder of the biblical values that lie beneath each value and which help us reflect the kind of godly character that we want children at Christ the Sower to grow into.

Mr Marshall took these super photos of the proceedings. Each class shared the learning that had come from their fortnight's study of their value, aiming to become experts in it over the year. The values we celebrated were:

  • Creativity: Conker class
  • Thankfulness: Thistle class
  • Truth: Pumpkin class
  • Courage: Acorn class
  • Trust: Clover class
  • Wisdom: Mustard class
  • Compassion: Teasel class
  • Hope: Rosehip class
  • Forgiveness: Sycamore class
  • Respect and Reverence: Catkin class
  • Justice: Wheat class
  • Perseverance: Barley class

The values studied in the Foundation classes (Friendship in Daisy, Generosity in Poppy and Peace in Sunflower) will be celebrated later in the term.

Each time a class presents a class collective worship, we will revisit the value they have studied and learn what they have to teach us about that. Friday's worship time was full of biblical truth as seen through children's eyes, and with their poetic imagination. Where else would you find someone saying that courage was what you find, when you're scared, at the bottom of your heart?