Adventures on Caldecotte Lake

Esther and Shanay write: Caldecotte was an amazing experience, not just the activity - our dormitories too, so we could bond with others more. We enjoyed it so much.

Sam writes: ADVENTUROUS CHILDREN EXPLORE CALDECOTTE EXPERIENCE: Join Rosehip class trek and struggle through difficult activities given by their helpful instructors. Water sports were fun and by far the most popular. Some children went home very wet!

Jonathan writes: At Caldecotte the children were very excited to go there, but when we were there, some people were scared of heights. We went to water zorb. We met this nice guy called Theo who pumped up the balls for us. After that we went canoeing. A man came to capsize our boats. After that we went sailing. Theo brought us to the boats in a speed boat. Me and Omar were following Shanay and Annastasia who bumped into the rock, while Omar and I sailed left.

Darren writes: The Y4's Caldecotte experience was very amusing, but the water sports were by far more popular than the rest. Although it was fun learning and sailing, we needed to revise some basic swimming steps from Y3 swimming, whihc some of us were supposed to remember. Overall, the canoeing, the sailing and building a raft helped us increase our water skills.

Tito writes: BREAKING NEWS! Canoes, rafts and sailing boats with Rosehip pupils appear on Caldecotte Lake. On Tuesday 8th July 2014, Rosehip pupils went rafting, canoeing and sailing. Joe, Teni and Tito all capsized and Omar fell out of a speed boat.

Micky writes: On  Monday 7th July, Rosehip class went to Caldecotte. First we went rock climbing then we jumped off the wall (!). We went on a speed boat and I did not fall off. Omar, he did fall off, and Jonathan's cap fell off too. We jumped in the lake then we built a raft.