Now we are 10!

From our very beginnings in the "Green Building" at the OU 10 years ago, we have tried to celebrate each year with a Music Concert involving both the best musicians we have and the widest range of talent. Thanks to Mrs Richards, we had a splendid evening of woodwind, strings and brass playing, African drumming, boomwhackers and keyboards. In addition we heard a medley of material recorded by children through the year mixed in with live music. Later in the term we will be hosting four other West Flank schools for an orchestra day.

On top of this celebration, every child has had the chance to reflect with their families on what was going on in their parents' lives 10 years ago, and they have put together an amazing amount of good work in the hall - well worth coming to see. Here is a short video of the concert rehearsal - a warning: it is not for those who get dizzy!

Mrs Barrett prepared us a 10th Birthday cake as well! Here are some photos of the cake andn concert. The concert is now over, and the cake nearly so! Thanks to all who attended the one and ate the other. It was lovely to see you. There will be some podcasts of the music on the website later on this term.