Comenius visitors to Christ the Sower

Thursday 6 March: After months of planning, we were delighted to host the team of teachers from schools working together with us on the project "Frog, Squirrel, Cow and their 4 mysterious friends". This is a project based mainly in the early years of our school, and children have been learning how to welcome and befriend those who are different to them, through the project.

Yesterday the participants arrived to take part in a time of collective worship where Thistle and Conker classes had memorised poems about squirrels, and where the whole of Years F1 (Daisy) to Y3 had learnt our new Comenius Song. We also shared prayer songs and our school song, and heard wonderful stories about the animal mascots from the different participants. We have been hosting Ekke, the Swedish squirrel, and later today will swop the animals over - Ekke will go to Holland, whilst our own concrete cow will go the second of the two Swedish schools in Helsingborg, where we will visit in May. And we will receive....(well, this is a closely guarded secret for the children, as they are still trying to guess)...

After the collective worship, and some cake and coffee (any excuse) 14 fantastic Y6 children showed the guests around the school where there was plenty of chance for professional learning between our teachers and the guests.

In the afternoon, the teachers had elected to go on one of two visits - to Emberton School, where Mrs Stobart is acting head until the summer; and to Walnuts infants School in Bletchley, where they saw the amazing work that Kim Harman and her team do with children with severe autism. Our thanks to both schools for their willingness to let us come.

After that, we held the official project meeting, where representatives of the schools decided on progress and how next to work with the children. It had been a long day, especially for those who are away from their routines, and I am delighted with the way so many of our Christ the Sower staff members and parents came to events and helped with transport and hospitality. Thank you.