The OFSTED team left on the evening of the 6th February, and whilst we can't let you know the precise outcomes of the inspection (the reports and findings have to be moderated centrally by OFSTED), we are very pleased with everything that that they found and all that they said to us.

The children were a credit to both us and to parents, and the sense of comradeship and affection that the staff team had for one another was amazing.

Most spectacularly of all, from a parents' point of view, was  the tremendous response we had from you on Parent View. The team were impressed with the number of parents who had responded (92 parents is apparently very high indeed).

My thanks to all the staff, parents, governors and especially the children, for a wonderful, encouraging effort this week.


Huw Humphreys (headteacher)

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  2. Letter to parents
  3. School inspections - a guide for parents
  4. Inspection notification letter