European adventure gets green light

Our partners in this application for a two year project are the following schools and pre-schools:

All of the institutions have been accepted onto the project except for the Latvian pre-school, who is on a national witing list. We hope that they too will be able to join us, as they have much to teach us. The project has the strange title of Frog, Squirrel, Cow and their 5 mysterious friends. The project will last for two years and will enable most of our Foundation and Year 1 staff to visit European settings to learn from them.

The purpose of the project is to allow children in our schools and pre-schools aged 3-6 learn about Europe through reading and studying children's literature about animals, with each animal representing a town or region in each country. We get to be concrete cows, predictably...

A briefing paper on the project and further information can be found here.