Learning about love in Oxford!

It was really a super day - the children got to see some amazing architecture, think about all the different types of love that we show to one another - family, friends, romance and love towards God.

Earlier in the day we had a chance to think about each aspect of love and create a cross from the ideas we generated.

The service was also very beautiful - the children from 12 schools all took part in reading the liturgy and the prayers, the announcements and the bible readings. During the morning each child had created a cross with many different aspects of love written on them, and these were brought to the transept and laid down in the form of a huge cross on the floor.

The architecture was really amazing - just looking at the celing gave you plenty to think about.

The sermon was given by the Bishop of Oxford and the whole day was a tribute to the planning and staffing from the Diocesan Board of Education who all got involved in helping the children learn a little more about the God of love in the Christian tradition and how he cares for us.