Gongs for Year 4

Gamelan is an ancient traditional form of music from Indonesia. The instruments are largely made of brass and steel, and include gongs )with names like bonangs and gong agengs) and metallophones (with names like sarons, genders and slenthems), and were loaned for the day to us by the MK Music Service. We also had the fun of working with Sheila Montila who taught Rosehip and Teasel how to play these wonderful instruments. Their two performances are here - Rosehip is the top video and Teasel the second, below.

The whole day was spent with each class learning how to play the different instruments, learn ostinati (repeating patterns, which gamelan uses a lot) and then work towards a performance - in Rosehip's case, of a piece that the children had written.

We learnt a lot about how well the children cooperate and listen, and about how well they coordinate with each other and respect one another's music making. This was a quite a challenge for some of them, but the fun of playing such exotic (their word!) instruments helped them feel part of something pretty exciting.

The Rosehip video was shown to parents in the evening at the Annual Music Concert. Here are some more pictures from the day: