Arts Days Feedback was Great

William Morris-style Printmaking with Mrs Mitchell


Small scale observational drawing with Mrs Clark

Sculpting and drawing with fruit with Mrs Szentpeteri, inspired by Arcimboldo.

Capoeira martial artts from Brazil, with Mr Marshall

Cross-stitch, with Mrs Sohal.

Improvised poetry and drama with Mrs Feil, inspired by Hilaire Belloc

Storybooks, puppets and prints with Mrs Etherton

Bollywood dancing and henna painting with Mrs Morarji and Mrs Mushtaq

Clay pottery and sculture with Miss Matizanadzo

Forst sculpture in Hazeley Wood with Mrs Taylor, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Making simple reproductions of Monet's waterlilies with Mrs Turner

Being inspired by Mrs Whittle (and Henri Matisse) to make beautiful cutouts

Making beautiful and stylish cards with Miss Underwood

Telling the Christ the Sower story in fabric prints