MK50! A mathematical celebration!

We have had a wonderful 3 days at Christ the Sower studying as many aspects of maths as we could imagine to do with Milton Keynes' 50th birthday. We have had codebreaking, map making, route planning, timetable making, estate planning, muliplication practice based around population, tesselation, tree density calculation, cow decoration (really!) and landmark height calculation. There have also been mathematical poems and mathematical stories written, based around Milton Keynes. The actual birthday is not until 23rd January, but we will celebrate that too, shouldn't wonder!

Year 6 have both been taking part in challenges to do with distance and time applied to the g3eography of the city. In particular children have been taking 50 hectare plots and devising a new estate in each of them, keeping within strict planning criteria. The world's smallest airport has been planned along the way, jammed up against a secondary school!

In Year 5, children have been breaking codes of all sorts, using enigma-style codebreaking routines, as well as semaphore and morse to communicate information about Milton Keynes. This morning they have been route planning against set criteria.

Year 4 have been doing a lot of work, but this morning they all went to Hazeley Woods to measure the distance between the trees. They have then calculated tree density and used that to estimate how many trees there are in Milton Keynes.

Year 3 have been looking at very large numbers using extended number lines (in Red Clover class) - so they can get their heads around the population of Milton Keynes, and learn how big a million is! Children in Mustard have been trying to calculate populateion growth in Milton Keynes as a focus for learning and rehearsing their times tables.

Year 1 children have been learning about trinagles to make MK50 Happy Birthday bunting, and have been learning how to use directions to find landmarks around the city.

Year 2 have got stuck into coordinates to locate schools and places of interest across the city, whilst ini Foundation, the children planned a special mathematical birthday party for Milton Keynes - and all marched off to the Coop yesterday morning to go and buy party food.