Emerging Poets

Thank you to Miss Underwood who took these photos in Waterstones (Midsummer Place) on the weekend. We had three winners:

  • Vedasya Morgan - overall winner (7-11 section)
  • Rumbi Leckey - runner up (7-11 section)
  • Layla Gauntlett - "Booksellers' Prize"

Well done to all three. Here is Layla's sonnet:


I walked along the path beneath the rain.

The birds had flown away to lands unknown –

I’d suffered many days of endless pain

And wondered how I’d get by on my own.

          I had to find a better way to cope

And tried to fill my mind with happy thoughts;

Stay true to myself and not lose hope,

Try not to dwell on battles I had fought.

Now stormy clouds are parting in my view

And I look to the future, not the past

I feel it is my time to start anew,

As I can see the sunshine now, at last!

          And maybe, if I make a mental note,

          The greatest gifts of all are love – and hope.

Here is Vedasya's:

And here is Rumbi's: